CONIL - a nonprofit dedicated to atypical children
Past and ongoing projects

FREE WEEKEND CLUBS - workshops that take place during weekends at the Performance Center CONIL, targeting special needs and typical children and youth that come from difficult environments. They can take part free of charge in any activity, such as: personal development, dances, karate, languages, acting, music, origami, arts, astronomy, guitar and drums. 500 children participated in this program.

CONIL FEST - Integration Fest, in 2015 at the XIth edition, is an artistic marathon with music, dances, singing, poetry and theater that gathers participants from all over the country - both special needs and typical children. The last editions gathered over 1200 children from over 60 schools, kimdergartens and clubs (state owned and private) from Bucharest and the whole country, including special schools.

INTEGRATION CAMPS AT CONIL'S CAMP , a project that offers special educational needs children a dream week away from the city, together withtypical children, where they all socialise and learn from each other. These camps were a real success and a lot of series of atypical and typical children enjoyed them. We managed to offer great holidays and a chance to relax and have quality time to children with autism, ADHD, hyperkinesia, mental delays, children who cannot see or hear and children with different other disabilities. The camps were supported by sponsors such as the Vodafone Foundation, Stryker Romania, La Roche Romania and others.