CONIL - a nonprofit dedicated to atypical children
Our mission and vision

Lately, the Romanian society has been facing an increasing number of children with special needs. These growing numbers involve more than ever the need fot their adapted education, their integration in society and counseling for parents, caretakers and families.

The problem of integration cannot be solved for these children without essential premises, such as appealing to the community to help in their adjustment and social integration, educating children with special needs to reach their potential and increasing tolerance, empathy and understanding from the part of typical children and their parents.

The Association Before and After School CONIL was funded just for these reasons - we aim to offer solutions to integrate special needs children in a mass education system and to give parents support as needed. Knowing of similar situations and sharing personal experiences are important steps towards managing their own situations, together with specialised counseling - and our Association strives to provide just that.

The Association Before and After School CONIL supports integration of special needs children and facilitates their access to quality education, by identifying individual cases and putting together adapted, personalised plans, to fit each situation.

Also, The Association Before and After School CONIL supports the discovery of young talents of any kind, in any context, both in typical and atypical children. We aim to form and educate future talents to become a constant presence on stage or in the creative community, by participating in musical festivals, exhibitions and fairs for products made by children and any creative contests and competitions we learn about.

Services offered by The Association Before and After School CONIL